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President, COO
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The Bass River Tennis Club in Beverly MA is a membership tennis club serving the Northshore and greater Boston since 1971. We are a 10 court indoor tennis club specializing in tennis lessons, clinics, league play and a number of regularly scheduled events. As a pure tennis facility, we are able to specialize in quality instructional and team programming. I have spent a lifetime teaching tennis and building club programs. My highly trained staff and I are eager to help you fulfill your tennis needs.

We are the club you can rely on for professional support, no matter your level of play. I am certain you will find the club’s staff to be courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. We are proud of our club’s unique tennis history. We strive to exceed our members’ expectations and my staff and I would be pleased to serve you.

Chairman and CEO
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During the past several years we have continued to invest to make BRTC a model for all tennis clubs. We have updated the physical site, ensured the courts are in top condition, and added state of the art technology. I am particularly proud of our electronic signage and scoring systems we added during the past couple of years. One day soon, I expect many tennis clubs will be using the scoring system we developed in house and have video access to all of their courts.

My love for the game continues. Although I am a perennial 3.0 player, I enjoy / have enjoyed watching the pros, as well as college, high school, and league playing – especially when its been my kids or my team (the Bass River Mens B1) playing. My oldest grandchild is ready to play at the club and I can’t wait. Our new technology will let me watch my granddaughter play in the future from wherever I am. With our Members APP on the iPhone, I don’t have to miss any of her home matches or lessons. The APP is available to all members who have iPhones. I hope you enjoy it.

Director of Tennis/Owner
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I was pleased to join the ownership of the Bass River Tennis Club on January 1st of 2022. I’ve been at the club for over fifteen years, the last ten as Director of Tennis. While I will continue to serve in that capacity, I’m excited about some of the larger projects we have in mind to keep Bass River the premier tennis facility in the area. The club has endured a lot over it’s more than fifty years in business and in many ways, we feel like we are just getting started. We continue to invest in technology, in updates to the facility and in our most precious resource, our employees. Everywhere you look we have a staff member doing an outstanding job.

As always, your club owners, managers and the entire staff are here to make your tennis experience second to none. Please reach out to us if you have any tennis related needs or to offer suggestions on improving the tennis experience at Bass River.