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My name is Michael LaPierre, I am part of the ownership at Bass River Tennis Club.
I manage the day to day operations here and at our summer tennis facility, Beverly Golf and Tennis on Mckay Street.  I've been intensely involved in tennis since my youth, during college and for my entire adult professional career.  I have been fortunate to play & coach this sport for 50 years, and remain passionate about tennis to this day. There is one thing I know very well; keeping members happy and involved, requires constant attention to detail. To that end, please meet your "Tennis Connector". Jennifer Licciardi and I are here to assist members and their guests.

Jennifer's primary role is to make sure all members, old and new, have every tennis opportunity and can fully utilize our club in the most rewarding and comfortable manner possible.  Some new members may find a large facility like ours a little daunting.  Jenn can help you get connected with other members, at your level and on your schedule.

Your long standing contract group needs a couple fresh faces? Jenn is here to help you.
Been playing doubles all your life and want to try singles? Jenn has new names for you to play.
As your Tennis Connector, Jenn can rally all the resources of the staff and facility. She'll help with equipment, social or competitive groups, lessons, USTA, program evaluations, ball machine rental, you name it. Jenn will do her best to make it happen!

Contact either of us at the club and tell us what you want. We will work promptly and tirelessly to satisfy your tennis needs. Reach us at: 978-927-0102 or email Jennifer@BassRiverTennis.com or email Mike@BassRiverTennis.com