Annual Bass River Membership Year is September 1 thru August 31 | Membership Application PDF, click here

Membership at Bass River comes with many advantages.
We work hard on behalf of our members to find a program or activity that fits our members' busy schedule. Our "Tennis Connector" will work with any member to design a tennis experience that suits their needs.

Bass River welcomes tennis enthusiast to use the facility as a non-member.
There are certainly usage limitations for our guests, but for many, this is a perfect way to enjoy tennis at the club. First, any activity a non-member selects will have a guest fee attached. Lessons, random court time and any club event are subject to an extra $10.00 charge per visit. Some activities like random court time and contract subbing, guests are limited to one visit per month. Programs like our in-house singles ladder, North Shore League play and contracts require a membership for participation. Competitive league play is never open to non-member substitutes.

How do you want to use Bass River?
This is the question we ask any perspective member. If you find an activity open to non-members and are likely to visit us two to three times per month, the membership doesn't make sense. Please use the facility as a guest, pay the extra $10.00 and you'll still be ahead of the game. However, if you play once a week, or more, then the guest fees add up to more than the membership. At this point, we suggest you join the club. Not only will you then have all the privileges of membership but you'll have access to the "Tennis Connector". We'll work hard to satisfy all your tennis needs. As the commercial goes, "membership has its privileges".

For a chart of member / non-member activities click here

----If you have any questions about Bass River Tennis Club MEMBERSHIPS ask our Tennis Coordinator.
----If you have any questions about Bass River Tennis Club PROGRAMS ask our Tennis Connector.