Check in: All members and guests must check in at the front desk prior to play. Please use your Bass River swipe tag.
Tennis Attire: Members and guests are expected to wear proper tennis attire on the courts.   A proper tennis sneaker is required.  No track or running shoes are permitted on the courts.  All tennis shoes should be "non-marking".
On The Court: Players may bring only water on court with you when you play.  Sports drinks, coffee, sodas and food are prohibited from the courts.  We request that you turn off your cell phones while you play.
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): Members with "annual" memberships may choose to have their monthly statement processed to their credit card automatically. "Monthly" memberships and "Guests" with a balance are automatically set up for monthly EFT. Monthly statements are sent via email about 5 days later, we process your balance using your credit card on file.
Cancellation Policy: Our court cancellation policy is 12 hours advance notice.  Lesson cancellation policy is 24 hours notice.  Late cancellations and no shows are charged the full amount if the court time or lesson time is not resold. 
Membership Freezes: Members unable to play due to medical condition or injury for an extended period of time my place their membership on a medical freeze. Medical freezes must be accompanied by a doctor's note and the freeze will take effect from the time of notification. Bass River does not honor a freeze after the fact.
Snow Day Policy (Men’s, Women’s and Junior matches, clinics and other programming): We do not necessarily follow the school cancellation schedule, as often the roads are fine by the time our junior or adult programs start. Make-up times will be held for any lessons canceled. Tennis Director will decide whether to hold programs during weather events. If you are in doubt, simply give us a call.
Guest Passes: Guest pass allowances are: 2 passes for adult memberships, and 3 passes for family memberships.  Inform the front desk that you are expecting a guest. 
Billing Questions: If you have questions about your bill, please know that you may call the club for assistance. We will be happy to research your concern and return your call the next business day. And of course, you are always welcome to review your monthly statement online at any time.
Overdue Accounts: An annual finance charge of 18% (1.5% per month) is added to all unpaid balances after 30 days. Please arrange for your payment to be mailed no later than the 20th of the month to insure you avoid any finance charge.
Returned Checks: You will be charged $25. for each check not honored by your bank. Bass River does not accept third party checks.

----If you have any questions about Bass River Tennis Club policy, please email us or call 978-927-0102