Bass River Tennis Club uses their own creations in Digital Signage and Electronic Scoring System.

Bass River Tennis Club is Leading the Way in Tennis Experience Technology
Many clubs today have taken advantage of administrative functions such as registering for courts, registering for tournaments, billing, league management and membership mailings. Some advanced clubs have implemented line calling and statistical functions (e.g.,HawkEye, Playsight and In/Out) for assisting the players during the game and after. At Bass River we have additionally focused on two key technology areas, less addressed in the Tennis Industry: Digital Signage and Electronic Scoring System (ESS).

Digital Signage
Our digital signage software developed In-house, allow the entry area to become a major information hub for our members. It includes information including highlighting our staff, our management team, and the accomplishments of our members. It also provides videos and pictures of key events occurring at the club . Finally, it allows video directly showing the status of the playing on the courts and the scores on all of the courts. Simply put, it is the eyes into the club. Some example screens are shown below:

indoor tennis club ma
indoor tennis club ma

Electronic Scoring System | For a more detailed overview click here to view a printable pdf.
Our Patent Pending Electronic Score System is software developed internally by The Bass River Tennis Club and is now being marketed to other clubs. The system allows entering game score information on an iPad instead of flipping cards and then allows this information to be disseminated to other courts, throughout the club, and remotely. The goal has been to make the software a part of the game, and not a separate activity. In most matches today at clubs, it is the players responsible for flipping the cards to represent the scores. This manual activity allows only other people with a direct view of the court to know the scores. There are no 3rd parties tracking the scores, and entering the scores into a system (such as with professional matches and some college matches).

With ESS, using the same effort as flipping the cards, the game scores can be entered, sets can be recorded and sides swapped. This information however is then available for all to see. For example, if a league match is occurring on courts 1,2,3,4 and 5, and you want to know how your team is doing, you can’t tell unless you have a straight line of vision of all courts and great eyesight. ESS allows you to see the status of your team on all courts. Similarly, if you want to watch how your team is doing, but are unable to get to the club, you can see the scores, and actually watch live streaming of the play. As parents of players, or grandparents, this allows you to never miss a match even if you live in Florida and the match is occurring in Boston. The system allows capturing information for leagues, tournaments and individual players in advance to minimize any computer activity while on the tennis court. The system also includes an iPhone member’s app which includes the key functions for our members. Some example screens follow:

indoor tennis club ma
beverly ma tennis courts
summer tennis programs ma
tennis professional classes boston ma

Licensing Available | For a more detailed overview click here to view a printable pdf.
Bass River is very proud to now be licensing the software to other clubs that want to bring this software to their members. Contact us for more information!